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Pavel Paces
Pavel Paces
paces dot pavel at gmail dot com
Czech Republic

About me a in nutshell
I like airplanes, sensors, electronics and programming.
I know how to measure atmospheric pressure.



inAero is a company started during fall of 2016 with aim to provide pilot training on a newly renovated simulator of Let L410 airplane which was bought as a wreck and it is slowly being renovated. The project code name is "Natasha" because this name together with a title "Natasha, ich liebe dich" was painted on the fuselage when the wreck was delivered to the Czech Republic.

We started as a group of three people and now we are four main figures.

Our activity is to restore the simulator into the state where it would be usable for pilot training and flying for fun. We would like to get it to the state of FFS of the Let L410 airplane in future but the short term target is to get FNTPII certification.

Another goal just pop out coincidentally in relation with the recent development in the Czech aviation. The CATC bought a flight simulator of the L410 airplane which was an unpleasant coincidence. The final price tag of this CATC CAE simulator is unknown but we are on the way to achieve the same result for a fraction of the cost.

The details about the project development can be found at Facebook.

Relation to CTU in Prague

The project relates a bit to my previous work at the university with a universal simulator of a small/simple one engine airplane like Cessna C172. But, inAero and the Natasha project aims at two engines, multi-crew non-complex airplane such as L410. From 2014, I was requested by my university to focus mainly at the area of space systems which I did not liked. This requirement was added to my contract. I have decided to comply with the university requirement and I decided to deal with aeronautics further more outside of the university. Even with above mentioned development of the situation the university was offered to take part in the Natasha project but it was evaluated to be too difficult, time demanding and so the university decided not to participate.

For a beer or a coffee I am willing to share detailed sad list of rationales causing me to leave Department of Measurement.