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Pavel Paces
Pavel Paces
paces dot pavel at gmail dot com
Czech Republic

About me a in nutshell
I like airplanes, sensors, electronics and programming.
I know how to measure atmospheric pressure.

What I do - Small Satellite Platform

Small Satellite (SSP) platform is an educational tool that is intended to illustrate problems related to aerospace technology - mainly signal processing and control.
The main idea behind the platform is taken from spacecraft stabilisation that is used on devices such as: International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope, etc.
The SSP is an educational tool which illustrates specifics of sensors and data processing algorithms to students. It uses a complete sensory system (AHRS) data available over a wireless interface (WiFi) from Matlab environment. The students are required to acquire the data and process them. It means to get rid of noise and and evaluate orientation of the SSP. Then they are required to close a control loop and through the reaction wheels to stabilise the SSP in predefined direction.
The student tasks include:
  • 1a Introduction to the Small Satellite Platform Communication and Internal Sensors
  • 1b Precise Pressure Measurement and their Use for Altitude Determination
  • 2 SSP Reaction Wheel Speed and Load Measurement
  • 3 SSP Reaction Wheel Control
  • 4 Magnetometer Calibration and Heading Determination
  • 5 SSP Magnetometer Independence on its Attitude
  • 6 SSP Stabilization with Help of Earth’s Magnetic Field and Magnetometer
  • 7 Angle Random Walk
  • 8 Allan Variance
  • 9 In Flight Calibration of Magnetometer and Angular Rate Sensor
  • 10 SSP Star Tracker (Camera) Position Determination
  • 11 SSP Stabilization Using a Star Tracker (Camera)
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